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Irish Cultural Institute of Florida, Inc.

Executive Director: Sheila Hynes


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The Irish Cultural Institue of Florida, Inc. has a dream motivated by a legacy. This precious legacy has been bequeathed to us by our ancestors. Our members know that they must ensure that our traditions and heritage are preserved for the children of today and those of future generations.

Our Aims

This group exists to preserve and foster the precious legacy of our Irish Culture which has been handed down to today's generations. It is our intention to build on that legacy by developing programs to assist and encourage those who wish to further develop and propagate all segments of Irish Cultural activities. Furthermore, we believe the Irish American branch of our race as a whole can play an important part in recognizing the special cultural aspects which have developed in the United States of America. We know it is no less than our duty to develop our Irish American culture as a distinct facet of the total culture of the Irish people.


It is our intention to design and build an Irish Cultural Center. This building will be custom designed to serve the cultural needs of the Irish American community of South Florida. It is intended that the center will house a museum of Irish artifacts, a library containing books, periodicals and video tapes pertaining to Irish Culture, a theatre and workshop, art studios, lecture and meeting rooms, social facilities and sports amenities, both inside and outside.

Our first job will be to select a suitable location which will be in Broward County, thereby giving reasonable access to those residing in the adjoining Dade and Palm Beach Counties.

Having established the first cultural center, the Institute will then look to promoting similar ventures in other parts of Florida.


It is our endeavor to encourage other groups throughout Florida to foster the culture which is the heritage of all Irish American People. We will therefore contribute, both financially and by other means of support, to the activities of worthy organizations where they relate to Irish Culture.

It is intended that the Irish Cultural Center will serve as a focal point for the Irish-American community of the area and will ensure that our rich heritage is maintained for our children.

You are invited to join The Irish Cultural Institute of Florida, Inc. and help its members to achieve their goals.

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